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Are You a Candidate for Sclerotherapy?

Patients with medium to severe Telangiectasias, commonly known as "spider veins" or varicose veins are the recommended candidates for cosmetic sclerotherapy. Patients must have realistic expectations. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are welcome to come for consultation and planning of your treatment, but will need to postpone treatment until after birth of child and/or breastfeeding has ended.

What Are the Benefits of Spider Vein Treatment?

    • Minimally invasive
    • Little to no downtime
    • Destroys damaged veins that create a web-like appearance

    How many sessions of sclerotherapy are needed for spider veins?

    Most patients will notice improvements in the appearance of spider veins after a single sclerotherapy treatment. However, for complete removal, patients generally require about two to four sclerotherapy treatment sessions.

    What to Expect

    The procedure does not require anesthesia and can be performed in the office. The total number of sessions needed will vary from patient to patient and depends on the number of vessels needing treatment and length of time the patient has had them. Generally, a minimum of three sessions are recommended.

    After your procedure, you will be asked to wear compression stockings over the injection sites for 24 hours if the treated area is on the legs. After this time it is highly recommended that you wear medical support hose for the next two weeks. It is recommended that you avoid activities that can strain the affected area, such as squatting or heavy lifting. After sclerotherapy, some slight bruising or discoloration can be expected. While healing the vessels may take up to four to six weeks to disappear. It is highly recommended that you begin your Sclerotherapy treatments in late Fall or early Spring, as you must stay out of the sun while healing. You will need to come in for a follow-up appointment to allow us to monitor the healing process.

    How Much Do Spider Vein Treatments Cost? Does insurance cover spider vein treatment?

    When performed as a cosmetic treatment, spider vein treatments are not typically covered by insurance. However, if your spider veins are caused by an underlying condition, such as venous insufficiency, it is possible that your spider vein treatment may be eligible for coverage by insurance payers. If this is the case, you will be advised prior to beginning any treatment plan with our clinic. Otherwise, procedures are quoted on an individual basis depending on complexity and location of desired treatment area.

    Your Spider Vein Treatment Consultation

    Patients in need of spider vein treatment can schedule a consultation to get more information regarding the procedure. During the initial consultation, out provider will ask you about your medical history, assess your desired areas of treatment and discuss the risks and benefits of sclerotherapy.

    This time will also allow patients time to ask questions and clarify any concerns that they may have about the procedure and follow-up. Cost will also be discussed during the consultation, with a treatment plan.

    Get Started Today

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    Ask Us About Packages

    Patients may require multiple Sclerotherapy treatments to achieve the desire cosmetic results and will have to schedule several appointments. Given the necessity of additional treatments, we offer packages of multiple treatments at a discounted price. These packages do not expire and can be upgraded at any point. Packages are very useful for patients on an intensive program as well as patients with extensive vein presentation or patients who are slow to heal after each procedure.

  • Individual Patient Results may vary
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